Updated on September 25th, 2016 : Qayqayt Playground fundraiser has finally come to an end. We are pleased to invite Qayqayt families and our community neighbors to enjoy our beautiful playground. While there are still space for improvement, we have decided to move on and focus more directly toward our children’s education. Thank you everyone for your support, suggestions and concerns. Together, we can make a difference.

Phase – 1

Thank you to all our generous sponsors and to everyone who voted and shared.
Here is the list of our sponsors:

$5000 grant from the Aviva Foundation,
$1000 from Fortis BC,
$500 from Costco,
$500 from New Westminster Firefighters’ Charitable Society
$10,000 from CST Inspired Minds,
$16,000 from New Westminster Kiwanis Club


In addition, SD40 has provided $50,000 so we managed to purchase almost the entire lower play structure in mid August 2014, and we’ll have the play equipments installed by early November 2014. We also would like to thank all vendors such as Thrifty, Save-On Foods, Safeway, and Staples for their gracious donations.

playground-area2 playground-area2-back












Phase – 2

A special thank you to our generous sponsors for Phase – 2 play structure : 
$7,500 from G & F Financial Group
$500 from Save-On Employee
$1,000 from a new neighbor with a young child wanted to contribute after seeing JJ Lee’s story and byline.
$1,000 from Kiwanis.

The phase 1 playground opened on January 12, 2015 to the kids!  The kids have been anticipating this day for some time since construction of the playground started and they have watched it take shape.  Ms. Catherwood and Mr. Manville have come up with a very special way to let the kids enjoy the structure.  Each class will be given the opportunity to have their own private session on the play structure rather than having a free-for-all at  recess which might not provide as much opportunity for the younger kids.  The structure will be phased into use by all classes by 3rd week in January 2015. [Related news here] Also, we’d like to thank everyone who had voted and shared during Aviva and CST campaign on September to December 2014.  We received $5,000 from CST as a result of your votes. THANK YOU! (The $5,000 has been added to the amount of Phase 1 structure.)



Updated on May 12th, 2016 : Qayqayt Playground Phase 2, Under construction beginning in June and expected to last about one month

We are excited to announce that $97.496 has been raised for Phase 2 of the Qayqayt Playground including a Roller Slide, Oodle Swing, Saddle Spinners and rubberized surfacing, see attached photos.  While the PAC had requested that work occur during the summer, the terms of the Grant require an earlier completion date and unfortunately that means the existing play area will not be available for the final month of school.

It has always been very important to the John Robson/Qayqayt PAC to raise playground funds from sources other than the parents directly (through cash donations) or from Gaming funds.  We allocate gaming funds to provide field trips and other enrichment programs including drama, art and literacy workshops rather than hold them for years to build up a playground fund.

Phase 2 of the playground will cost $97,496. The PAC has raised the funds for Phase 2 a variety of sources including:

Enabling Access Foundation
This $50,000 grant is not often released and provides funds to increase access to people of varying needs.

BC Tire Stewardship Grant
This grant offsets 50% of the cost of rubberized surfacing up to $30k. The Qayqayt Playground received $22,944.   Due to the expense, rubberized surfacing will only cover 1/2 of the new playground with bark mulch remaining below the Oodle Swing.

New Westminster Rotary
Thank you to Louise Perry and the New West Rotarians for providing a nearly $5,000 to cover our shortfall.

Canadian Scholarship Trust – Inspiring Minds Program
Thank you to all that voted and helped secure $5,000 in 2014 from CST which was saved for Phase 2.

Thank you to Kiwanis for the generous playground support including a total of $17,000 of which $5,000 is being applied to Phase 2.

Save-On Foods
Thank you for supplying food for various fundraisers to provide over $1,000 of the remaining funds needed for Phase 2.

A special thank you to:

Kevin Lorenz and Karen Catherwood at SD40 for their support processing the grant applications, their efforts to coordinate the implementation of the project and provide temporary funding while the grants are being processed and ensuring that all the details to get the project moving forward were addressed.  Thank you to Karen Catherwood for working with the surfacing vendor to provide a fun and engaging rubberized surfacing layout, see attached.

Cindy Grewal-Blaison for finding these grants, filling out the applications, and supporting the project.

Tim Mercier for securing the necessary bids from playground vendors and confirming the size and scope of the project.

We are excited to see the next phase of the playground take shape and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this process.  More information regarding the playground closure will be provided as details are firmed up with the vendor and SD40.

Thank you for all your efforts!

Serena Trachta
Qayqayt PAC Chair

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