Public Feedback on the 2018-2019 New Westminster Schools Budget

The Board of Education is inviting public feedback on the 2018-2019 New Westminster Schools budget.  The survey runs through the month of February.

Parking Tickets ! Watch OUT!

Lots of parents ticketed and one apparently towed this week and last.  Be extra diligent about where you park.   I’ve spoken with Karen Catherwood as well as the Bylaw officer out ticketing this week.  The PAC is advocating for better signage that meets the needs of residents and parents.
That said, parents are going to need to be extra diligent over the coming weeks.
No parking on Merivale in front of the school – this is for busses only.
Agnes in front of the school is strictly loading and unloading so people will have to get a parent buddy to help run their child inside school if they plan to stop there.
No parking ever in the bus stop, in front of the fire hydrant, in neighbor’s driveways (typical stuff).
There is also no stopping on the alley at Cunningham at the Park.  This is unfortunate, but we lost this battle already when the safety signage was added several years ago.  This is restricted to be used for the garbage and fire trucks.
The Bylaw officer indicated that neighbors have complained to the department about parking illegally during pickup and drop off and so they are responding to those complaints.     This happens about once a year but it is certainly more intense this year.   I let him know that we are reaching out to the City to change the signage along Agnes.
I contacted Lisa LeBlanc the Transportation Manager for New West and she has passed my request onto her parking division.  This process is going to take a few weeks to see what her division says.  If engineering is not supportive, we’ll have to take a delegation to the City Council.
The PAC took a delegation to City Council to fight for traffic safety items when the new school was built (before Lisa was at the City).  There weren’t any crosswalks at Agnes and Merivale, for example.
I’ve worked with Lisa on another issue related to traffic and found her respectful and helpful, so I will give her an opportunity to assist before we go to Council.
Here is a excerpt of my note to Lisa:
I am writing you to see what the process would be to change the signs on Agnes in front of the school form NO Parking Loading only to 15 minute drop off parking?
The current loading zone limitation is from 8am – 4pm and it is not helpful to parents or local residents.  The area stays vacant most of the day and is only used during drop off and pickup.
The PAC would like parents to be able to park there for 15 minutes between 8:30am – 9:15 am and then again from 2:30pm – 3:15pm in order to take their children into the building.
Outside of those hours, parking is fine for up to 2 hours like it is in the rest of the neighborhood.  This should be able to be implemented much like street sweeping schedules.   I’d appreciate any thoughts you have on making this area more useful for both residents and parents.
If you have other suggestions for the signage, let me know.


Serena Trachta
Qayqayt PAC co-chair

DPAC Meeting – January 15, 2018

Happy 2018! Please join us at a DPAC meeting to hear about what is happening with the PACs at a district level.
We are also asking if anyone has the time and the inclination to attend these meetings to be the QQ DPAC Rep.
When: Monday Jan. 15 @ 7PM
Where: Herbert Spencer School
Attached is the agenda for January 15 and meeting minutes of Nov. 20, 2017.