$30 for you and $30 for the PAC from SPUD.CA


This code will allow the USER to received $30 off an order of $70 or more from SPUD.CA and they donate ANOTHER $30 to the PAC!!!  This code can be used once by each user.  Pass it along for more savings to the PAC!

The $30 may not be used to purchase a fundraising box with another $5 going to the PAC.  The fundraising box has to be purchased in addition to the $30 from the coupon.

See below for more information:

Dear QQ Community,

Have you been looking for a great way to get local, organic produce delivered to your home economically?

SPUD.CA will donate $5 for each fundraising box ordered when Qayqayt is identified in the check-out process.

They deliver FREE to New West on Thursdays provided the order total exceeds $35 (the cost of 1 box).

They have groceries and other items to purchase in addition to the fundraising boxes.

The deliveries can be made to apartments, houses and businesses.

All of Spud.ca‘s boxes are guaranteed to last 8 hours outside of refrigeration regardless of their contents – even if they have frozen meat or produce!

They have a variety of packing techniques that can ensure freshness – ice, dry ice, insulated packages and so forth.

If there are ever any issues with quality, they also have a 100% guarantee for all products.

Please see attached flyer for additional information.

Any questions, please contact chair@qqpac.ca.


Art Card Orders Due Wed Nov 1

Your child should have come home with a drawing and order form for the 2nd Annual  ArtCard Fundraiser.  This was very successful last year and we heard lots of great feedback about the quality of the merchandise.  There is an option to order items made from the art work /and or from pictures. Each images needs its own order form.  If you need a second order form to accommodate another art image or picture,  please see attached.   Please make cheques out to Qayqayt PAC.

Any questions contact chair@qqpac.ca.

Thank you for your support.


2017 order form gst and pst includedPRINT

Bus Service or Walking School Bus to Qayqayt and Glenbrook?

Happy August everyone! If you are interested in possible bus service or a walking school bus to Qayqayt Elementary and Glenbrook Middle School, read on…

If we have enough kids from QQ and Glenbrook interested in taking a bus, we could put together a route and share the costs among more kids. The cost of the FRMS service, for a full bus of 54, is on the order of $75/month. So cost would be something like that.

And there might be folks that are interested in commuting together either via car or a walking school bus.  A walking school bus is a group of kids (with adult supervision for the younger grades) that go to school together.  Because they are in a bigger group they are more visible to drivers and are safer with a buddy system in place.

Backstory: We have been trying to get a shuttle from Fraser River Middle School to Glenbrook but just don’t have enough numbers. Ideally we’d have about 50 people interested in order to make a cost effective run for Lynch Bus. Currently, Fraser River Middle School PAC is running a bus from Connaught, Tweeds and Kelvin to FRMS. A few QQ alumni picked that bus up at FRMS and rode it to GMS in the morning and in reverse in the evening. It is delaying the FRMS bus’ departure from FRMS in the afternoon so the FRMS PAC is not going to let us share that bus anymore.

If you or someone you know might be interested in a bus service or commuting together or starting a walking school bus from anywhere in the city, please email chair@qqpac.ca with details – how many kids, rides to, from what neighborhood.  It  takes time to set this up with Lynch, so please email as soon as possible.  Thanks.

Hot Lunch clarifications…

Dear QQ Community,
I neglected to mention another parent volunteer who helped with Hot Lunch and wanted to thank Charlene T for participating and apologize for inadvertently excluding her from the list!  Life is a bit too complicated right now and we are so appreciative of the help we get from everyone.
Thank you!
Best regards,
Serena Trachta
PAC Co-Chair

Apologies for Tuesday’s Hot Lunch!

Dear QQ Community,
So, after 5 years we finally had a debacle with our PAC Hot Lunch program!
We want to extend our sincere apologies to all those that ordered sushi or booster juice and had to wait for their food an unreasonable amount of time.
We normally have 15 volunteers and this week only had 6.  A special thank you to Dayle, Randal, Mindy, Ivy, Jeri and Susan who fielded countless questions and complaints and stayed much longer than usual to sort through the challenges as quickly as possible.
This was our first (and last!) Tuesday Hot lunch and I believe that is really what threw off the momentum.  Unfortunately, both Booster Juice and LK Sushi mis-read the email orders and thought the hot lunch was on a different day.  They both scrambled to get the order done, but the Sushi was very late.
Thanks to Karen Catherwood and the staff for accommodating the kids with an already challenging schedule because of the Concert rehearsal.
We are implementing steps to insure this doesn’t happen again including sticking to the Monday schedule to accommodate the volunteers and provide consistency for the vendors.  We will also call the vendors to confirm the morning of Hot Lunch so we can find out about any challenges earlier.  Both Booster Juice and LK Sushi were very apologetic and gave us significant discounts (thanks Randall for negotiating!) on the orders because of the error.
If your child was not able to eat their sushi due to the rushed schedule, please notify me and we will credit an order for the next hot lunch.
Thank you for your patience and we hope this does not deter you from ordering (or Volunteering!) as we have had a long successful run with no significant issues until this.
Best regards,
Serena Trachta
PAC Co-Chair

Great Class for Grade 5 Students to help with transitioning to Middle School

There is still space in this class and I’m posting because I found it to be of great value when my son was in Grade 5 and I wanted to share the opportunity with others.  I’m happy to answer any questions you may have…
Greatness Within You (Transitioning program for Grade 5s)
Creating a safe, fun and trusting place for the grade 5’s to talk about their fears/being nervous about going to middle school. We will have them feel more confident. Positive Coping, Mindfulness and Relaxation techniques will be taught so they can  help themselves when they feel anxious or deal with uncomfortable life situations. Reaffirming that the  positive coping techniques will be useful daily.  Every child is different and our programs are adaptable to each and very child.
Empathy, Acceptance and Social Media are the other topics of discussion. Empathy and acceptance for self and others, will ensure a strong foundation for the transitioning into preteen / teenage and adulthood.
With discussions we will have fun engaging activities, crafts and outside/gym time. Snacks & journals will be provided. One THURSDAY a week for 5 weeks starting on May 4, 2017, Time: 3-5pm Cost: $65.00.
Register online at ecommunityschool.ca using code 10232.

Qayqayt Carnival Success!!! and 5050 Winner

Thanks for the GREAT SUCCESS at our first carnival at QQ.
The evening was lots of fun and we appreciate the great turnout and enthusiasm.
Thanks to all the volunteers that made everyone run so smoothly !  Thanks for set-up, ticket sales, manning all the stations, running errands, cooking, cleaning, sorting and managing all the food service including some unruly candy floss.    A special thank you to Angelique for all your hard work and the countless hours spent managing all the details.   Thanks to everyone that brought in a goodie for the cake walk and to the staff for running the cake walk.  Thanks to Jackie for all the printing!  Thanks for everyone’s patience as we worked through some logistics that are inevitable when you roll-out a new program.   Do thank Uptown’s Buy Low Foods’ Manager Venicio and Asst. Manage Phillip next time you see them.  They made the food purchases so easy and donated 300 apples for us to give away a healthy snack.  AND Please thank the folks at The Stage for donating ALL the FANTASTIC FACE PAINTING!
We’ll have profit proceeds ready to report soon but in the meantime, wanted to pass along the winning 50/50 ticket:
Check your tickets!  You are the winner of $93.50!
It may be claimed at the office upon presentation of the raffle ticket.
This prize will be available until Friday April 28 at which time a 2nd number will be issued.
Thanks !


Serena Trachta
Qayqayt PAC co-chair

Adventure Playground 26 Feb 2017 City Hall

– See more at: http://www.newwestrecord.ca/community/new-westminster-shines-spotlight-on-innovation-1.8147836#sthash.7lx7nbEh.dpuf



#NewWestUnited — Rally for Equality, Diversity and Community

New Westminster is a city where everyone belongs.


Recently, a hate group posted detestable pro-Nazi images in our city. Community and faith leaders are coming together to demonstrate that we won’t be silent while people in our community are targeted and made to feel unsafe.


Join with New West residents to show your support for equality, diversity and community.


We’ll be meeting on the steps of City Hall at 5:30pm on Thursday, January 26thThe rally will be followed by a march to Queens Avenue United Church where the posters were posted.


Speakers include:

Judy Darcy, MLA

Jonathan Cote, Mayor

Faith leaders representing our diverse community

And more