Bus Service or Walking School Bus to Qayqayt and Glenbrook?

Happy August everyone! If you are interested in possible bus service or a walking school bus to Qayqayt Elementary and Glenbrook Middle School, read on…

If we have enough kids from QQ and Glenbrook interested in taking a bus, we could put together a route and share the costs among more kids. The cost of the FRMS service, for a full bus of 54, is on the order of $75/month. So cost would be something like that.

And there might be folks that are interested in commuting together either via car or a walking school bus.  A walking school bus is a group of kids (with adult supervision for the younger grades) that go to school together.  Because they are in a bigger group they are more visible to drivers and are safer with a buddy system in place.

Backstory: We have been trying to get a shuttle from Fraser River Middle School to Glenbrook but just don’t have enough numbers. Ideally we’d have about 50 people interested in order to make a cost effective run for Lynch Bus. Currently, Fraser River Middle School PAC is running a bus from Connaught, Tweeds and Kelvin to FRMS. A few QQ alumni picked that bus up at FRMS and rode it to GMS in the morning and in reverse in the evening. It is delaying the FRMS bus’ departure from FRMS in the afternoon so the FRMS PAC is not going to let us share that bus anymore.

If you or someone you know might be interested in a bus service or commuting together or starting a walking school bus from anywhere in the city, please email chair@qqpac.ca with details – how many kids, rides to, from what neighborhood.  It  takes time to set this up with Lynch, so please email as soon as possible.  Thanks.